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Meet the Makers: Introducing John and Adrinne O’Donnell



Dec 22nd, 2012

The O'Donnell Family with their dog

Have you ever tried Wild Harvest Golden Round Butter-Style Cracker or Stoneground Wheat Cracker? They are SO good and I never feel guilty eating them because they are 100% Organic.  Do you every wonder where your food comes from? I did a little research and found that these delicious goodies have a pretty cool story.

In 1985 John and Adrienne O’Donnell founded Adrienne’s Gourmet Foods in Santa Barbara, California and from the very beginning they were committed to natural, gourmet foods. In 1998, Adrienne’s became the first company to develop an organic water cracker, and bring it to the national market. Since that time, Adrienne’s Gourmet Foods has become a leader in organic cookies and crackers, in the areas of product innovation as well as nutrition. Their continued success can be attributed to the company’s passion for great tasting, healthy organic crackers.

The Adrienne’s Gourmet Foods team and the O’Donnell’s continue to be at the forefront of organic initiatives based on their belief in a better environment and better food.  What a great story! Keep up the good work O’Donnells!


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