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Think Outside the Bag | Recipes Using Chips Unconventionally



Aug 13th, 2014


When we hear “chips” we automatically think “dip” or “salsa.”  Time to think outside the bag and use those chips to add flavor (and crunch) to recipes!

LAYS Cheddar and Sour Cream Sliders
Take that favorite flavor of LAYS and add them to a slider.  You’ll thank us.
Get the recipe here.


Lamb Burgers with Jack Cheese
These burgers will have your family fighting over who gets seconds!
Get the recipe here.

Lamb Burgers

TOSTITOS Cheesy Buffalo Hot Dog
Crunch, spice and savory flavors? What more do you need?
Get the recipe here.

Buffalo Hot Dog

TOSTITOS Baja Fish Tacos
Only one word needed to describe these: Yum.
Get the recipe here.

Baja Tacos

TOSTITOS Chicken Burger
Get plenty of protein packed into this delicious burger!
Get the recipe here.

Chicken Burger

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