“Best Road Trip. Ever!” Grand Prize WINNER


Throughout the week of September 10th, a team of judges pored over the Finalist entries and one has emerged. Click “Like” above to help us congratulate our…

GRAND PRIZE WINNER: Phillip V. from Colorado Springs, CO with his essay entitled “Venture Into Tribeca”

I noticed my speedometer was slowing, slowing and slowing. An eerie feeling crept over me as I navigated our powerless Venture down a 10 mile stretch of freeway and coasted onto an off ramp into a town called Silverthorn, Colorado. We sat stranded. With my extremely limited mechanical knowledge I proceeded to troubleshoot our troubled, powerless Venture. My eerie feeling became amplified as my instinct told me our Venture was Burnt Toast. After 45 minutes of hemming and hawing over what to do, our called tow truck arrived and scooped up the Venture and the my family and I piled into the cab with the scruffy yet jovial driver and proceeded to a nearby mechanic shop. So nearby in fact that it took all of 30 seconds to arrive. That was the most expensive 30 seconds in my life as I forked over $95 to the driver for services rendered.”

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At the close of contest selection, the judges were asked why they selected Phillip’s entry, one judge had this to say: “The family never gave up. They were determined to complete their trip and they did.” Another judge said, “Clearly, the contestant has a good, laughing memory of their road trip made memorable by something that could have been very frustrating. When asked how their vacation went, this is the memory that the family will remember.”

From all of us at Albertsons, CONGRATULATIONS PHILLIP!

Phillip was also a Finalist in the photo category and has these photos to go along with his essay.