NEW! Healthy Labels

We know that more and more people are recognizing the importance of adding healthful foods to their diets, but that finding those healthier options isn’t always easy. Product packages put nutrition information in different places and you can spend your whole shopping trip just trying to find the items you need to fit your healthy diet goals.

Over the past couple of years more than half of shoppers have switched to whole grain bread, and interest in other whole grain products like pasta and brown rice is up as well. Greek yogurt and lower sodium food products are also increasing in sales indicating how people are changing their eating habits to stay healthy.

To help you find those healthier products, we’ve created a new labeling program called “Great Choice”. This program utilizes a series of icons that we put right on the shelf label to help you make a “Great Choice”. We have created six specific attributes that shoppers told us were the most important – they are:

And because we put the icon right on the price label under the product, you won’t need to look all over the package trying to determine whether something is low sodium or a good source of fiber. All you have to do is find the icons you’re interested in as you do your shopping, and select those items.

Here‘s to making a “Great Choice”,

Patty Packard, M.S., R.D.

Director of Nutrition & Regulatory