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Is soy safe for breast cancer survivors?



Sep 26th, 2014

Breast Cancer

Soy Foods

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Mushroom Consommé with Sake
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2 Responses to Is soy safe for breast cancer survivors?

  1. D. Baron 09/11/2017 at 12:06 pm

    The headline question was NEVER answered…
    leaving the reader still looking for information.

    • Customer Support 09/11/2017 at 9:26 pm

      Hello D. This blog was to open up a discussion. The results, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, suggest that not only is soy safe for women who have survived breast cancer, but it may also be beneficial in preventing cancer recurrence. For any further health related questions, we suggest you consult your personal physician. Thank you for shopping with us! -Cynthia

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