Albertson’s LLC Media Contacts

Please note: the below contacts are for reporters and other members of the media only. These are not general information lines. If you need additional assistance in contacting another department or office, please call 208-395-6200.


Christine Wilcox – | 208-395-4163

Intermountain Division

Colorado, Southern Idaho, Montana, North Dakota, Northern Nevada, Northern Utah, Wyoming

Dennis McCoy – | 208-395-4714

Northwest Division

Northern Idaho, Oregon & Washington

Dennis McCoy – | 208-395-4714

Southern Division

Central and East Texas, Louisiana, and Florida

Christine Wilcox – | 208-395-4163

Southern California Division

Lilia Rodriguez – | 714-300-6438

Southwest Division

Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico; Pueblo, Colorado & El Paso, Texas

Paul Bancroft-Turner – | 602-382-5437