It all started in 1939

Albertson’s LLC was formed in 2006, when the assets of Albertsons, Inc. were sold to three separate companies.   SUPERVALU, out of Minnesota, bought the majority of the stores, and the free-standing drug stores in the south were sold to CVS. Albertson’s LLC acquired stores in Northern California, Colorado, Utah, Nebraska, South Dakota, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Florida.

The story of Albertson’s grocery stores goes back over 70 years, however. Even though Albertson’s LLC is only a few years old, our company is built on a legacy that reaches back to the roots of what we know today as a “modern grocery store.”

In 1929, Joe Albertson was a college student who had spent two years studying business when the Great Depression sent the country into a tailspin. Joe decided that he would leave school and enter the grocery business, holding onto the philosophy that in good times or in bad, people had to eat, so he figured a grocery store was a good business.

Joe spent ten years working his way up at Safeway, but he knew that ultimately, he would open his own store. In July 1939, he did
just that.  With $5,000 of his own money and a $7,500 loan from his wife’s aunt, Albertsons Store 101, at 16th and State Streets in Boise, Idaho, opened with new services that customers hadn’t seen in a grocery store before.  He introduced things to shoppers like a scratch bakery, an automatic doughnut machine and one of the first magazine racks in the country. He also sold big, double dip ice cream cones, fresh popcorn and roasted nuts, which all became a hit with shoppers.

Joe’s idea about what made for a good grocery store quickly spread, and the following year he was able to open two more stores in neighboring Nampa and Caldwell, Idaho. It was only the beginning of a chain that, sixty years later, would have 1,000 Albertsons stores, as well as 1,500 other locations throughout the United States. In 2005, when the sale of Albertson’s Inc. was announced, a group of investors came together to form Albertson’s LLC, and in June 2006, the company officially acquired the stores in Arkansas, Arizona, Northern California, Colorado, Florida, Louisiana, New Mexico, Texas, Wyoming, and Oklahoma. Today, the company operates around 200 stores in 7 states.

In the years that Albertson’s LLC has operated stores, we have operated under Mr. Albertson’s same philosophy:  to give customers the products they want, at a fair price, with lots of care along the way. Our goal has never been to be the biggest, just the best.  It’s that simple.