Memo from Bob Miller and Robert Edwards – 12.04.2014

From: Bob Miller and Robert Edwards

To: Albertsons and Safeway Teams



When we announced our new executive team in September, we gave them the challenge to continue to fulfill their current responsibilities while concurrently developing their go-forward leadership teams. The Executive leaders have done an exceptional job and have picked strong leaders who are well-skilled in their areas of expertise. With the number of highly skilled and talented people available in both companies, these were not easy decisions, and we are proud of the thoughtful way in which our Executive Vice Presidents and Division Presidents have carried out this crucial step in moving forward with the planning for our go-forward company.

Below we have listed the direct reports to the EVP’s and key Group Vice Presidents. It will now be the responsibility of these leaders, working with their Executive Vice President or Division President over the next several weeks, to develop much of the remainder of the organization of the post-transaction company.

Legal – Bob Gordon, Executive Vice President & General Counsel

  • Paul Rowan – Senior Vice President, Deputy General Counsel
    • Sue McMillan – Group Vice President, Real Estate Law
  • Mike Boylan – Vice President, Litigation & Employment Law
  • Dan Day – Vice President, Litigation & Regulatory (Chief Compliance Officer)
  • Laura Donald – Vice President, Corporate & Business Law
  • Kathleen Smith – Vice President, Corporate Loss Prevention

Marketing & Merchandising – Shane Sampson, Executive Vice President

  • Dimitri Haloulos – Senior Vice President, Own Brands
  • Karl Schroeder – Senior Vice President, Corporate Merchandising
    • John Beretta – Group Vice President, Meat & Seafood
    • Jerry Callahan – Group Vice President, Produce and Floral
    • Pat Dennis – Group Vice President, GM/HBC
    • Bob Heally – Group Vice President, Deli/Prepared Foods
    • Jewel Hunt – Group Vice President, Bakery
    • Mike Massimino – Group Vice President, Grocery/Total Alcohol Beverage
  • Darren Singer – Senior Vice President, Pharmacy, Health & Wellness
    • Dan Salemi – Group Vice President, Pharmacy Services
  • Tamara Pattison – Group Vice President, Loyalty and Analytics
  • Creighton Schenkel – Group Vice President, Merchandising Analytics and Marketing Finance
  • George Dordevic – Vice President, Advertising
  • Deb Fifles – Vice President, Consumer & Shopper Insights
  • Amy Kirby – Vice President, In-Store Experience
  • Mike McCready – Vice President, E-Commerce
  • Karl Meinhardt – Vice President, Digital Marketing & Social Media
  • Jerry Noland – Vice President, Food Safety and Quality Assurance

Human Resources, Labor Relations, Communications, Public Affairs & Government Affairs – Andy Scoggin, Executive Vice President

  • Jonathan Mayes – Senior Vice President, Public Affairs, Government Relations, Philanthropy & CSR
  • Dan Cousins – Vice President, Training & Leadership Development
  • Peggy Jones – Vice President, Division Human Resources
  • Cathy Lord – Vice President, Corporate Human Resources
  • Lisa Montalvo – Vice President, Benefits
  • Christine Wilcox – Vice President, Internal Communications

Supply Chain & Manufacturing – Jerry Tidwell, Executive Vice President

  • Rick Bunnell – Senior Vice President, Distribution
  • Monica McCombs – Senior Vice President, Procurement
  • Evan Rainwater – Senior Vice President, Manufacturing
  • Len Ayres – Vice President, Engineering
  • Brad Egbert – Vice President, Supply Chain Finance and Operation Services

Finance – Bob Dimond, Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer

  • Rob Larson – Senior Vice President, Chief Accounting Officer
  • Melissa Plaisance – Group Vice President, Strategic Initiatives
  • David Stern – Group Vice President, Financial Planning & Analysis
  • Bill Zachry – Group Vice President, Risk Management
  • Brian Baer – Vice President, Retail Finance North
  • Mike Bessent – Vice President, Treasurer NAI
  • Brad Fox – Vice President, Treasurer
  • Miles Kendall – Vice President, Retail Finance South
  • Carl McLean – Vice President, Retail Finance East
  • Bill Spoehr – Vice President, Internal Audit and SOX

Corporate Development and Real Estate – Justin Ewing, Executive Vice President

  • Steve Cogan – Senior Vice President, Real Estate
  • Scott Graham – Vice President, Market Research & National Programs
  • Todd Williams – Vice President, Corporate Development

East Region – Justin Dye, Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President

  • Ken Rinaldi – Director, Retail Initiatives

North Region – Kelly Griffith, Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President

  • Tracie Perry – Vice President, Retail Initiatives

South Region – Wayne Denningham, Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President

  • Jim Wallace – Vice President, Retail Initiatives

We’re pleased to have this key step complete in bringing our two great companies together, so that the go-forward corporate team can move quickly and nimbly to serve our divisions, stores and customers.

Several divisions have also added Operations, Sales Support and Marketing & Merchandising leaders to support the go-forward company post transaction close and also announced them today. The Division Presidents are providing more detailed messages to their teams, which can be found here:

Denver – Paul McTavish, President

  • Susan Mudd-Powell – Vice President, Marketing & Merchandising
  • Kevin Wehrly – Vice President, Operations

Eastern – Steve Burnham, President

  • Tom Lofland – Vice President, Marketing & Merchandising
  • Dean Willhite –Vice President, Operations

Houston – Sidney Hopper, President

  • Jon Dickman – Vice President, Marketing & Merchandising
  • Kurt McMillan – Vice President, Operations

Intermountain – Susan Morris, President

  • John Colgrove – Vice President, Marketing & Merchandising
  • Gineal Davidson – Director of Sales Support

Northern California – Tom Schwilke, President

  • Geoff White – Senior Vice President, Marketing & Merchandising
  • Todd Broderick – Senior Vice President, Operations
  • Richard Pickering – Vice President, Sales Support

Portland – Dennis Bassler, President

  • Doug Campbell – Vice President, Marketing & Merchandising
  • Jeff Buchanan – Vice President, Operations, Portland Division

Seattle – Dan Valenzuela, President

  • Dennis Schwarz – Senior Vice President, Marketing & Merchandising
  • Adam Wampler – Senior Vice President, Operations
  • Bob Reorda – Vice President, Sales Support

Southern – Scott Hays, President

  • David Urby – Vice President, Marketing & Merchandising
  • Steve Hanson – Vice President, Operations

Southern California – Lori Raya, President

  • Greg McNiff – Senior Vice President, Marketing & Merchandising
  • Wendy Oliver – Senior Vice President, Operations
  • Andy Barker – Vice President, Sales Support

Southwest – Shane Dorcheus, President

  • Greg Matteri – Senior Vice President, Marketing & Merchandising
  • Frank Cannistra – Senior Vice President, Operations

Please join us in congratulating these members of our team on their go-forward appointments.

As we mentioned above, one of the next steps as a company will be for our leadership teams to post their Phase 3 job openings. This is also a major task, and one that could take us past the anticipated transaction close to complete.

We are focused on building a great team that can enable us to deliver the best to our stores and customers. We know that you may have questions that arise, so please feel free to reach out to your HR representatives. If they have the answers, they will gladly help, and if they don’t, they will work to get you the answers you need.

Please remember that none of these changes will take effect until after the merger is completed and approved by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). We’re looking forward to making additional progress on our merger activities in the coming weeks.

Thank you for all of your hard work and focus on continuing to great companies,

Bob Miller & Robert Edwards