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4 Tips for a Healthier Game Day

Elaine Magee, MPH, RD Wellness Services Corporate Dietitian


Nov 15th, 2018

Bean Dip Recipe

Game day is a cherished tradition across the country! Whether it’s about touchdowns, baskets or home runs, game day is celebrated in most households with delicious (and most times not so nutritious) foods like sliders, wings, chips, creamy dips, hot dogs and basically anything with bacon (YUM).

Read on for 4 simple plays you can make to score big this game day.

Mix Up Your Appetizer Line-Up

Serve bean dip and guacamole instead of creamy high calorie dips. Choosing beans and avocados to be the stars of your game day spread boosts smart fats, fiber, valuable plant compounds, plus protein in the case of beans. For simple, no-cook options, fat free refried pinto or black beans are available in easy to use cans and fresh guacamole is available in our supermarkets! For a more customizable option, try this recipe for 6-Layer Light Mexican Dip, which features both beans and avocados!

Bean Dip

Go for the Greek Yogurt Quarterback Sneak

Dips are a must for any game day party. By swapping out the sour cream in your fave game day dips with plain Greek yogurt, you pump up the protein and calcium while bringing down the calories and saturated fat. Instead of mayonnaise, add a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil to every 1/4 to 1/2 cup of nonfat Greek plain yogurt. You won’t even notice the nutritional upgrade in this versatile recipe for Game Day Cajun Dip or this delicious Thai Coconut Peanut Dip and Sauce.

Cajun Dip


Thai Peanut Dip

Fun-to-Eat Finger Food

Chicken breast skewers, in-shell nuts, fresh fruit and raw veggies work great at a party, offering you something sweet (fruit), something crunchy (veggies) and something savory and satisfying (chicken and in-shell nuts). Choose raw veggies like sugar snap peas, baby carrots, cucumber slices, jicama and celery sticks. In-shell nuts are slow to eat and fun to crack, a perfect snack during a game as a good source of protein, fiber and other important nutrients. For a super tasty, tender and lean high-protein finger food, try this game stopping recipe for Lemon Garlic Chicken Skewers using chicken tenders and Triple Zero Coconut Crème Greek yogurt.

Chicken Skewers

Stay Ahead in the Fourth Quarter by Exercising Moderation

If you are serving cupcakes and cookies toward the end of the game, go for the mini cupcakes, bite-size cookies or fun size and mini candy bars, so your guests can feed their sweet tooth more mindfully. For a fun take on a mini banana cream pie, try this recipe for Banana Cream Pie Whip Dip that can be served as a mini banana cream pie or as a dip with apple slices or graham cracker quarters as dippers!

Banana Cream Dip

By following these simple steps, your fellow sports fans will be full and guilt-free when the final whistle blows. Find more game day inspiration on our Pinterest page!

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