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6 Texas Summer Grilling Trends

Anjelica Freeman


Jul 17th, 2015

Texas is a state known for being a BBQ Legend. From tastes of sweet mesquite to spicy hot or hickory smoke, food really is bigger and better here.  It’s that time of year when your backyard turns into an outdoor kitchen and this summer, Texans are putting a slight twist to the usual grilling styles you see. Here are 6 trending ideas to consider next time you fire up the grill:

#1 Piquant– Big, Bold and HOT! Texans are currently enjoying spicing things up on the grill! Whether it be adding chilies, jalapeños, salsa or sriracha; things are heating up on both the grill and your taste buds!

Turn up the heat with Spicy Sriracha Grilled Shrimp. Get the recipe here.

sriracha shrimp

#2 Cauliflower is the New Kale- Even in “We Fry Everything” Texas, people are opting to healthier lifestyles, cauliflower is high in  vitamin C, fiber, antioxidants,  potassium and sulforaphane (which has shown to kill cancer stem cells.)   Instead of pairing it with the usual lemon, you can smoke them for a southern touch or try our sriracha twist ( yes, we’re obsessed) .

Grilled Sriracha Cauliflower Steaks. Get the recipe here.


#3 Tastes De Mexico– ¡Orale! We’re so close to Mexico, it’s no wonder the Tex-Mex is so bomb here! South of the Border flavors are simple, delicious and perfect for grilling out.

  Substitute the usual fajitas, try Stuffed Grilled Peppers at your next fiesta! Get the recipe here.


#4 Big Taste, Small Bites– Pre-game grub takes up a small part of the grill,  so while you’re waiting on the rest of your food to finish cooking, you can snack on some appetizers.

Like these Pulled Chicken Sliders with Barq’s Root Beer BBQ Sauce. Get the recipe here.

Pulled Chicken Sliders

#5 Skewers -Get the same sensation of eating at Texas De Brazil right in your own backyard. Brazilian BBQ inspired, mix it up with different kinds of meat and veggies to grill up a fusion of flavors.

Try Lemon Pepper Shrimp Kabobs, Vegetable Kabobs, Teriyaki Chicken or Beef Kabobs. Get the recipe here.

Lemon Pepper Shrimp & Vegetable Kabobs & Chicken & Teriyaki Beef Kabobs

#6 Meaty Meal Deal– Its 2015 and everyone is looking for a bang for their buck! Brisket is a perfect summer time meal as it serves several people and cooks ‘low-n-slow’ for the true barbecue masters out there! Plus, leftover brisket makes the best breakfast burritos that you’ll ever eat! What Texan doesn’t love breakfast burritos?! Make a whole meal out of it to really stretch your dollar with Smokin’ Beef Brisket with grilled corn and avocado butter.

Smokin’ Beef Brisket with grilled corn and avocado butter. Get the recipe here.

Smokin Beef Brisket with Grilled Corn with Avocado Butter

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