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75 Years of Joe Stories



Jul 22nd, 2014

Joe Stories

We have the fortunate luck to call Joe Albertson our namesake and founder.  And for 75 years, those who were fortunate enough to meet or work with him have plenty of stories to share.  We want to share some of those great stories with you!  Check out some of these Joe Stories!  And while you’re at it, submit your Joe Story to for a chance to win a $75 Gift Card!
Leslie Brown (Priest River, ID) Community Member & Daughter of Former Employee

Leslie Brown
 “This was early in the days of Albertsons and the General Office.  My dad was hired by Joe in 1953 in the Architecture and Design Department.  Joe would hire a person to do what he called a “clearing out.”  He did this with every department.  They would usually go out of town, and it would be what would be a performance review is today, but done as a group.  Well, they went through everyone in Dad’s department.  I guess it didn’t go well for some, so my dad went and hid behind the sofa.  When it came to Dad’s turn, Joe said without skipping a beat, ‘Come on out, Marv. Your hind end is safe!’  This is one of the many stories Dad had.  When Dad retired, he not only got the watch, but he got some wood working equipment from the Architecture and Design Department and I know Joe and Kathryn pitched in.”
LaJuana Bassett (Boise, ID), Community Member 
LaJuana Bassett

 “Back in the 70’s, my family lived on the Bench and on Halloween, the first stop would always be Mr. & Mrs. Albertson’s house.  Usually, it would be Mr. Albertson handing out BIG candy bars.  At school, we kids would brag about the big candy bar we got from Joe Albertson!  On one occasion, I happened to see him at the  Albertsons Store  (the old one that used to be on Vista).  He noticed that a dorky kid was starting at him and he came over, shook my hand and introduced himself. Many times I have thought about that; Joe Albertson, to take the time to shake my hand.”

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