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75 Years of Stories | Paul’s Joe Story



Aug 28th, 2014

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To celebrate 75 great years, we started collecting people’s stories of their memories of Albertsons and Joe Albertson.  We have loved these trips down memory lane!  Here is one of our favorites:

Paul Fleming (Boise, ID)
I started working for Albertsons in 1994 at the original location at 16th and State Street. Working in the service deli I was barely 20 years old and this was a second job for me in the evening’s to help pay for my college tuition. One day the grocery manager’s Grant Lloyd and Mike Hickerson noticed my work ethic in the Deli and asked if I wanted to work production and I said what is that? That began the next 14 years working my way up the ladder learning all the different departments and management training. The people that I got to work with over the years will always be in my mind as my Family and made me who I am today! The Training that I received from my managers, Larry Remm, Bob Talbott, Tom Holloway, Brian Conley, Doug Cannon, Doug Campbell, made lasting impressions that I instill in my work life now! Many stories come to mind from those days but one specifically sticks out that I often tell. I was working freight early one morning at the 16th and State store and I was on my knees sweating and trying to outpace my co-worker on the next aisle when a little old lady placed her hand on my back and said you are the hardest worker I have ever seen and told me that I was doing a great job and told me thank you for my hard work. Well at the time I didn’t know who she was or why she cared but I asked the Front end Manager (Melanie Medford), who that lady was and she told me that was Kathryn Albertson, Joe’s wife.  I still tear up today thinking about that one singular moment. They both did the common thing uncommonly well and I live my life in their image of kindness and integrity! Happy 75th anniversary Albertsons! I will always bleed BLUE!!!!

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