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A20 FitFuel Arrives at Albertsons Locations in Boise



Mar 16th, 2014

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If there is one thing that is important to most residents in Boise, ID, it’s supporting local businesses.  And while Boise continues to grow, one thing that grows with it, are the local businesses.  Jennifer Ludington of A20 Fitness is a part of that growth.

Jennifer Ludington A20 Fitness                     Jennifer Ludington, Owner of A20 Fitness, delivering FitFuel to the Original Albertsons on 16th & State in Boise, ID.

“I started working in fitness years ago, but I knew I wanted to open my own gym.  Now we will have two locations starting March 31st, with a dedicated following and are bringing in new clients all the time,” Jennifer explained to me over coffee on a rainy Monday morning.  “I saw an opportunity that needed to be filled for my clients of a great nutrition bar that tasted great and wasn’t filled with preservatives, so I started making FitFuel in my kitchen.”

That was three years ago, and now, they are the latest product line to join the Albertsons family in Boise, ID, offered at 12 locations.  “I had been selling them at my gym and a few other places, but this is such a great opportunity for me to expand!” she exclaimed.  Even on dreary rainy day, her demeanor can bring sunshine into it; she is instantly likable and has a passion for what she does.

“I love meeting people who love fitness, and Boise is the perfect place for that.  But I also love taking people who may not be as experienced and showing them that they are capable of doing amazing things with their bodies.  And part of that is giving them the fuel they need to push themselves further and further.”

Even though her website only has her listed as the “Chief Fitness Officer” of A20 Fitness, you should probably add chef and delivery driver to her resume as well.  “All of the bars are my own twist on a basic do it yourself version, using natural sugars and all natural ingredients, made by hand by myself and a few others, and packaged here locally.  I even source the nuts in the bars from City Peanuts on Bannock here in Boise!  And right now, it’s just me delivering the product to locations; we really are a small, local company.  I love it.”

A20 Fit Fuel is not only packed full of nutrients and natural ingredients, but they are absolutely delicious!  I am almost ashamed to admit how fast I downed my first one (I think it lasted about 2 minutes).  The was the flavor amazing, and the texture of it was incredible; it honestly felt more like I was eating a cookie than a nutrition bar.  I was instantly hooked.

I suggest you give it a try as well – you will see why Jennifer and her FitFuel have had somewhat of a cult following in the Treasure Valley!  You can find Jennifer’s delicious FitFuel in the freezer section at these Albertsons locations in Boise, ID:

  • 1650 State St
  • 3614 State St
  • 7100 State St
  • 1219 Broadway Ave
  • 5100 Overland Rd
  • 10500 Overland Rd
  • 909 E Parkcenter Blvd
  • 4700 Eagle Rd
  • 250 S Eagle Rd
  • 6560 S Federal Way
  • 1653 S Vista Ave
  • 10700 Ustick Rd

We are proud to carry the A20 FitFuel nutrition bars at these locations, and hope to be able to offer them to additional locations in the near future.

Jennifer Ludington & Store Director, Kurt                     Jennifer with Store Director, Kurt at the Original Albertsons location in Boise, ID.


One Response to A20 FitFuel Arrives at Albertsons Locations in Boise

  1. Elaine Redman 27/05/2016 at 12:20 pm

    I love your bars. I bought all of them in Hailey Idaho at Albertsons. Are you going to carry them again in Hailey? There’s a new Natural Grocers in Hailey this summer. I would love to see them there. I will look for them in Boise. A wonderful product.

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