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Bacon & Guacamole Sliders with Grilled Watermelon



Jun 18th, 2014


Sliders are a dish that always remind us of summer! Paired with a grilled watermelon (who knew you could do that?!) you’re sure to have the perfect dish for your next gathering. 

Here are some tips to make sure it goes off without a hitch:

Tip-ButtonAdd minced garlic and scallions (from our Fresh Cuts Section) to add flavor to the patties.

Tip-ButtonDon’t over-work the meat!  Just fold the ingredients in gently.

Tip-ButtonMake a thumb indent in the center of each pattie; this ensures an evenly cooked slider and keeps it from turning into a hockey puck!

Tip-ButtonFlip your meat only once!  It will let you know when it’s ready when it stops sticking.

Tip-ButtonDon’t press your patties! You’ll release all of those delicious juices from the meat.

Tip-ButtonCook your watermelon on indirect heat – those natural sugars will caramelize from the heat, giving it an even sweeter flavor.

Tip-ButtonFor an extra kick, add a chili-lime seasoning from McCormick to your watermelon! YUM!


Get your shopping list for this great recipe here!


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