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Holiday Decorating Ideas

Annessa Chumbley


Dec 17th, 2013

Vase with Dogwood, garnished with cranberries and lemon slices

Variety of Vases: instead of purchasing lovely and expensive holiday vases, dust off clear ones you probably have sitting around. Clear vases become magical with simple ingredients shown through. You can add whatever food or organic items fit the bill. Such as pinecones, candy, cranberries, and citrus; but coffee beans, nuts in their shell, candy canes or acorns would have also worked. I took these on a test run, and all of the 13 kids in the family were instantly drawn to the whimsical citrus tree! If you leave them out overnight, be sure to put them in the refrigerator.

Holiday Vases


Light and Bright: there are so many ways to make candles look festive using food. Use a combination of green pistachios and red dried cranberries as a base, or simple put any cream-colored candle in a bowl or dish brimming with fresh cranberries. You could also decorate a flat rectangular dish that runs the length of your table with a combination of coffee beans and peppermint candies. For a children’s table, put votives in little jars filled with soft, pillowy marshmallows and swirled peppermint candies; set on some fluffy snow, and watch the children’s eyes light up!

Pistachio Cranberry Candle


Pomegranate Perfection: These are the quintessential holiday fruit. Bright red, shaped like an ornament, these festive fruits have many uses. I used a white eye makeup pencil to write easily on the pomegranate. Write out a meaningful word, such as “joy”, “peace” or “bright.” Or, use the spell out the word and put a different pomegranate on each plate as a place setting (shown); then, play a game at the dinner table where each person has to come up with holiday words starting with their respective letter (for example, the person with “J” could say “jolly, jingle, joyful, jack frost, etc.)

Pomegranate Decor

Chalk it up: the winner of the best way to communicate during a party is….chalkboards! These are inexpensive, handy, and effective. As the host, it takes the exhausting effort of getting the word out and delegates it to the handy chalkboard. Phrases like “help yourself” over the appetizer bar, or “drink station” where people can get their own festive drinks will really be helpful to you and fun for your guests! Find inexpensive chalk boards & paper at any craft store.

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