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Big Surprises Unveiled During the Most Successful Community Baby Shower in History

Randy Perkins


Jun 29th, 2015


How big? This big.


As a grand finale to another successful Community Baby Shower event, Albertsons surprised Michelle Edmonds and four local nonprofits with a donation of 55,000 diapers. Yes, 55,000! When Albertsons Intermountain President, Brad Street, was asked why Albertsons gets involved, he said, “Family is one of the most important things to us, so to be able to provide this for our youngest Idahoans means a lot.”

You also might have heard that Albertsons and Today’s 6 ran a new digital campaign this year. Each time the hashtag #IdahoBabies was submitted via Twitter, Albertsons donated $10 per post. The end result was a $2,000 donation to each of the four local nonprofits. That’s a total of $8,000; thanks to everyone who engaged with the campaign!

Last but not least, the support of the community was overwhelming. The final tally for diapers was 85,018, along with 3,488 boxes of wipes and 508 blankets and articles of clothing. These results make this the biggest Community Baby Shower in history!

All of the diapers, wipes, clothing, formula, and other items donated will be distributed to Catholic Charities of IdahoBabyStepsMarian Pritchett School, and Baby Haven. All four of these groups have a passion for helping mothers through incentive-based programs. Parents participate by setting goals to promote healthy families while they attend classes, educational readings, doctor visits, etc., and then are rewarded with baby supplies through the four organizations.

Michelle Edmonds of Today’s 6 and FOX 9 started Community Baby Shower while she was pregnant with her second child. She saw a need to help young mothers and families get a jump-start on parenting, and decided that it was time to do something about it. That’s when she brought in few local non-profits to help educate and create awareness within the community. Nine years later, Community Baby Shower is bigger than ever.

“I promised it would be the biggest and best year for Community Baby Shower,” said Edmonds.

It was that, and so much more. Thank you, Idaho!

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