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Boise Couple Wins a Brand New Car from “Best Road Trip Ever” Contest

Randy Perkins


Dec 4th, 2015


Over the summer, Albertsons hosted “The Best Road Trip, Ever!” a digital contest where participants in each division were asked to submit their best road trip stories for a chance to win a new car. Once all of the votes were accounted for, it was time to notify the winner and give the car away!


Gloria S., from Boise, was selected as the grand prize winner for Intermountain. Read her road trip story about her family’s encounter with a black bear below:


It all started when daughter Jan invited us to go camping in the Sawtooth Mountains. It was summer, but snow still capped the mountain peaks. Jan and her husband Dale build a nice warm fire in the campground fireplace.

Jan toasted marshmallows, put them on [chocolate] and graham crackers, and I bit into the first s’mores I’d eaten since my Girl Scout days. The smell of them moved into the pine trees.

In the middle of the night, our dog Demi wanted to go outside, so we opened the door and let her jump out of the camper. In the dark, we couldn’t see Demi, and we couldn’t hear her either. After ten anxious minutes we went outside and saw…

Demi stood frozen, with one paw in the air. Ten feet away, a big black bear came toward her. We yelled, the bear ran off and Demi was saved. The next day I visited the nearby grave of Ernest Hemingway, who once hunted bears in those Sawtooths.

And we all rode away happily ever after.

Best Road Trip Ever Ceremony Gloria and Ed

After she was notified as the winner of “The Best Road Trip, Ever!” Gloria and her husband, Ed, went to pick out their brand new car. The couple, along with the rest of their family, met with Neris from Lithia Ford in Boise to find the perfect vehicle suited just for them. As they searched for their car, Gloria and Ed selected a fully loaded, brand new Ford Escape Titanium. 

Watch this short video to see their car selection process:

The car was later presented to Gloria and Ed during an Open House celebration at the recently remodeled Albertsons store on Overland and Orchard (5100 Overland Rd.) in Boise. The event included a custom cake, coffee and store-wide savings.


After they accepted the car, Gloria revealed she is actually giving the car to Ed to celebrate their 64th Anniversary.
Best Road Trip Ever Ceremony driving away.1

A special thanks to our vendor partners for helping us make this year’s road trip possible:

Chevron & Texaco (Fueling BRE)






Peet’s Coffee & Tea

Earthbound Farm




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