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Brown Bag It the Healthy Way | Guest Writer Annessa Chumbley

Annessa Chumbley


Sep 7th, 2014

Back to school

When you are sending the kids off to school, consider making lunch for them more often than not.  Packing lunch from home is not only a way to save money, but also save health! It gives you the power to implement your own healthy strategies. Remember, involving kids in the process is an excellent way to get them interested in their own health. Also, what kids help create, they want to gobble up!  Check out a few ideas below:

Pack it Fun:
 if you’re packing for kids, keep it simple and fun. Little strategies like how you pack their lunch can make more of a difference than what you pack. For example, use colorful silicone cupcake wrappers to put different items or snacks in:

packing lunches


Shed the Bread
(at least once in awhile):
rolling up deli meat around a piece of string cheese or a pickle makes great lunchbox finger food.  Or, get creative and take a go at  my Schoolbox Sushi!
Get the recipe here.


Go Homemade:
make a simple Ranch Dip.
Get the recipe here.

Ranch Dip————————–
Go Homemade to the Extreme:  
trying to keep everything in the lunch box as “close to the farm” as you can, make your own homemade fruit roll-ups using the end of the season’s summer strawberries!
Get the pin here.



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