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Building the Perfect Salad



Jan 8th, 2015

Salad Deconstructed Banner

What makes a great salad? 

The right dressing combined with the variety of ingredients can take a salad from good to great.

Now, how does one create their perfect salad?  In my opinion, there are certain components that should go into your basic salad:


For any salad, it’s all about the base! You can go with classic greens or even start with a pasta or quinoa. If you’re going green, a general rule of thumb is firm lettuces like romaine or iceberg fare better with creamy dressings than tender lettuces like spinach or bibb, which pair better with a vinaigrette.  I like to combine different types of greens to get different flavors – like adding arugula or kale.  OR, sometimes I get real crazy and add — wait for it — avocado!

Something that crunches

While your leafy greens might add some crunch, the other vegetables you use are really where it’s at when you’re adding crunch to that bowl.  Some of my favorite options are:

  • Sliced carrots
  • Cucumbers
  • Celery
  • Bell Peppers (I usually go with orange, red or yellow just to make my salad a little more visually interesting)

Something Juicy or Tart

Add another layer of flavor with something that adds a little more “bite” to that salad!  This can be done with a sliced tomato, or even some fruit!  Try some sliced strawberries or a handful of blueberries.  This can balance out all the flavors of the other produce and make your salad really beautiful.

Something Salty

This is where your protein comes into play: Top that salad with some delicious salmon, sliced chicken or some medium rare flank steak!

Vegetarian? Top that salad with some shredded cheese and some nuts to still get a little protein with your creation.

And finally…

The dressings!  Use bold flavors like vinaigrettes to balance out simpler flavors like chicken or something creamy if you’re topping that salad with steak.

Whatever your perfect salad may be, don’t be afraid to be creative!


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