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California Allows Pharmacists to Furnish Hormonal Contraceptives

Tina Ho


Mar 2nd, 2017


Pharmacists practicing in California can now furnish oral, transdermal and vaginal forms of prescription hormonal contraceptives in community pharmacies.1 This makes obtaining prescription birth control more convenient and easily accessible.

In California, women of all ages may be eligible to receive hormonal contraceptives from participating Albertsons’ pharmacies. Just a few simple steps allow a pharmacist to determine if a woman seeking hormonal contraception is a good health candidate. The woman is asked to complete a Self-Screening Questionnaire and her blood pressure is taken. Both are assessed against certain risk factors.  If the results indicate that hormonal contraception is appropriate, the pharmacist will assist with product selection, provide counseling and training on the selected contraceptive, explain potential side effects, discuss the importance of using the contraceptive properly, recommend appropriate follow-up visits, and provide a Birth Control Guide for the customer to take home. If the results indicate that the woman is not an appropriate health candidate, the pharmacist will refer her to a local primary care or women’s healthcare provider for further evaluation. To conclude the service, the pharmacist will review and provide a Visit Summary.

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2 Responses to California Allows Pharmacists to Furnish Hormonal Contraceptives

  1. Barbara Kilpatrick 05/03/2017 at 5:35 pm

    Is this classified as a Plan B product? Readily available over the counter, without a question asked. To the credit of the customer, they are the ones to know better. Thank you, Albertson’s Pharmacy.
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