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Celebrating 75 Years with Stories about Joe



Aug 7th, 2014

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75 years is a long ways to go for any company.  But we would not have gotten where we are today, if it weren’t for the building blocks and the values instilled by Mr. Joe Albertson.  To celebrate his legacy, we have been collecting your stories about Joe.  Do you have a story or memory about Joe Albertson?  Share it with us here.

Here are some of our latest favorites:

Deb Stuck-Stewart (Kuna, ID)

“I had the pleasure to work with him at the corporate office in the 80′s & sadly only part of the 90′s. One day my mom brought my 5 yr. old niece to visit me. As I was giving them a tour my niece wanted to go up in the elevator. Doors opened and there was Mr. Albertson. My niece captured his heart immediately (who wouldn’t love that precocious little girl full of beautiful red hair and big brownish gold eyes and that smile that always reached her eyes) he invited is to tour his office that was highly unusual. Nobody could get in that part of the building without an appointment. My niece had him laughing like Santa Clause by the time we left. Priceless memory. He was a kind man and a brilliant business man.”

Loretta Lake (Boise, ID)

“While giving tours of the general office to employees that came to the general office for work shops or guests from other company’s by far the best stop was at Joe’s office! He always stood to greet them and would graciously allow them to sit at his desk to get their picture taken! He always took the time to greet me, as passing in the halls, with a smile and a tip of his hat. At a company Christmas party I remember the band introducing and playing his favorite song “Home on the Range” and the big smile and wave as they did so! Even as an industrial tycoon he kept himself humble and available to all he encountered. He definitely had what it took to found such a great company! Oh and loved how he walked around and checked his tires for flats before getting in his car! One in a million!”

Karen Lloid Ridenour (Boise, ID)

“He was a hands on owner…My mom was the manager of the coffee shop and deli (Lois Lloid)…He would help scoop ice cream after walking down from his house on a Saturday….But on one Saturday while working in the coffee shop a new employee saw a man washing an apple in the kitchen back there and said “excuse me this area is just for employees”…yes it was Joe…he turned around and introduced himself…and said you are right…but we all had a great laugh after that…My mom loved working there and meet a lot of great people…she even retired from Albertsons…”

One Response to Celebrating 75 Years with Stories about Joe

  1. Tim Fay 20/11/2014 at 9:58 pm

    Joe Albertson was a classy guy. He built a great company. I grew up with Albertsons stores in Arizona …. I knew all the awesome employees at our store when I was growing up. Thanks Albertson’s, Thanks Joe!

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