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Cheers to a Chic New Year’s Soirée

Elena Harrington


Dec 2nd, 2015

Header Image Champagne

Ring in the New Year in style! We have the perfect tips for a fabulous toast on New Year’s Eve (NYE). Whether you’re hosting a seasonal soirée, heading out for the evening or staying in, we have some delicious sips and tips for a chic celebration.

Add Festive Flair to Chill Your Drinks

Looking for a fun party planning activity the night before your celebration? Invite friends over and set up an ice cube bar to chill your drinks in style on NYE. Give everyone an ice cube tray (mix it up with different molds featuring a variety of fun shapes and sizes) and set up a bar featuring your favorite fruits, herbs, flavorings and liquids.

Raspberry Ice Cubes 1

Try using champagne with fresh fruit for a perfectly chilled glass of bubbly without diluting your drink. Whether you are serving cocktails, mock-tails or just sipping on sparkling water, try adding these beautiful Raspberry Mint Ice Cubes for a festive garnish to your signature drink.

Raspberry Ice Cubes 2

 Bonus: use these beautiful ice cubes in your bucket to chill your champagne or other bottled drinks for a chic twist and festive flair. These simple updates are the finishing touches for your evening. And, don’t forget to add fresh flowers for a chic soirée!

Rasberry Ice Cube Bucket

Looking for a unique take on infused ice cubes? Try freezing cream with flavoring and chocolate chips for an ice cube option to add creaminess to your favorite drinks. This pairs perfectly with coffee and chocolate cocktails and mock-tails. Add these to chocolate milk for the kids’ NYE toast!

Another great twist on infused ice cubes simplifies a classic NYE treat. Try freezing chocolate with strawberries dipped in each cube mold! Simply fill your ice cube tray with your favorite melted chocolate variety and add strawberries. Freeze for one hour, and you have the perfect NYE pairing for champagne!

Build the Perfect Bar Cart

For a chic way to organize your favorite festive drinks, try setting up a bar cart. There are a plethora of styles, sizes and varieties to fit every taste. Find your perfect cart, and fill it with your favorite types of juices, mixers, alcohol varieties and festive décor. When selecting alcohol and drinks to display, try adding a few unique shaped bottles and varieties to add depth and interest to your selection, alongside the classics. Pick up some gorgeous seasonal flowers for the finishing touch for your bar cart. This is the perfect way to stylishly stash everything you need to whip up your favorite cocktails, mock-tails and drinks in an organized manner.

Your stylish bar cart isn’t only for your favorite drinks. Transform your bar cart into a bath cart by filling it with towels, bath salts, essential oils and other bathroom essentials. This tip is a chic way to stash your essentials in a stylish way. Don’t forget to add some fresh flowers to your cart for a beautiful finishing touch.

Toast to the Season!

Find a drink for every taste at your celebration. From wines, beers, classic champagne toasts and a variety of cocktails & mock-tails, we have everything you need to cheers to the year ahead!

Try this incredible Pomegranate Mojito Punch for a festive, delicious and stylish NYE cocktail or mock-tail. It’s the perfect drink to toast the New Year with!

Pomegranate Mojito

For guests looking for a dose of spice in their cocktail, try this delicious Spicy Pineapple Margarita. Jalapeño-infused cocktails are a fun trend to embrace for a sweet and spicy NYE toast. The sweetness of the pineapple perfectly balances the spicy jalapeño in this twist on the classic margarita. The jalapeño also adds the perfect garnish to this cocktail! 

Spicy Pineapple Margarita (blog)

For incredible NYE cocktail inspiration to toast to the year ahead, check out our Happy Hour Pinterest board for beautiful, delicious cocktails ideas and recipes. Read below for more tips for the best New Year’s yet!

For more inspiration on planning your chic NYE celebration, scroll through our Holiday Entertaining Pinterest board for festive inspiration for your NYE celebration. 

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So, get ready to toast to a New Year of opportunities with these chic tips and recipes. Have a Happy New Year!

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