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Dialing In the Perfect Flavor



Dec 29th, 2012

chopping jalepeno peppers

Once in a while we come across a concept for a kitchen tool that just makes amazing sense. Especially, designs that reduce the number of used utensils and clean up while optimizing the cooking experience. Which is exactly why I think the Design Boom Cutting Board concept is a total winner.

The DB cutting board has an integrated scale within a clearly defined area on its cutting surface to weigh recipe ingredients. The idea is that you can prep the exact amount of an ingredient called for in the recipe, making it possible to cut and measure at the same time. This cutting board could reduce the margins of error completely. No longer will you be saying, “I think I put in too much garlic.” Not only would you know how much garlic to add, but you could also “dial up” or “dial down” a certain ingredient to make the flavor exactly to your palate’s delight!

Waste could also be reduced with this cutting board because you can measure as you prepare. Clean up would also be optimized as you wouldn’t dirty as many measuring cups, which of course would save time and even maybe some detergent.

The Design Boom Cutting Board would not only take the guess work out of food flavor preparation, but it might just be the end to the long tradition of “pinches” and “dashes” in the book of measurements. It will enable you to create the exact flavor that you’ve decided is right for you regardless of the recipe’s ingredient list.

The only disappointing thing about the Design Boom cutting board is that it is still a few years away, but I’m buying one when they hit the market. Heck, I’d even pre-order one if I had the chance. How about you? Is this cutting board lame or the next best thing since sliced chilis?

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