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Easy Entertaining with Dessert Party

Holly Clegg


Dec 10th, 2013


Looking for ways to save this holiday gift giving season? With your children’s teachers, neighbors, and even loving grandparents – your gift list just keeps growing. This year give the gift that keeps on giving, without blowing your budget – delicious treats with a trim and terrific twist!

Homemade goodies reserve a special place amongst the array of store bought gifts. Fruitcake isn’t the only food worth giving this season. One of my favorite gifts to give are quick breads. Too busy to cook around the holidays? No problem – quick breads are easy to make and can be made ahead of time and frozen.

  • Wrap individual loaves in plastic wrap and store in zip-top freezer bag in freezer until needed.
  • Instead of one large loaf, prepare breads in different size loaf pans to give combination of breads.
  • Give one, two, or several types of bread, depending on how well you like the person!

Bundt Cakes and cheesecakes are another make ahead treat that’s easy to make and freeze. Use commercially prepared crusts in foil pans to easily make cheesecakes in nonreturnable pans and festive Bundt pans for a decorative cake. My easy chocolate truffles are a favorite that make a special gift on a holiday plastic tray.

  • Include small package of flavored coffee to enjoy with the delicious cake.
  • Use seasonal colors of plastic wrap and have ribbon handy to tie a big bow.
  • Perfect for unexpected houseguest or last minute gift – just grab from freezer.
  • Spiced nuts in a decorative container becomes an easy, make-ahead gift.

More delicious recipes at:

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