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Eat Hearty and Healthy During the Holidays!



Nov 19th, 2012

Holiday Meals

So, the holidays are coming and once again we want to eat like royalty during the big feasts, but not look like a pumpkin in January. It’s a  time of tradition and legendary eating is a big part of that tradition. Don’t plan to give up the tradition. It won’t work anyway. Think about all the ways we “spend” calories during the holidays. Eating a big meal on one day in November and December is not enough to create a wardrobe malfunction.

  • Go ahead and have desert on the big holidays, but don’t spend your “cookie calories” before, after, and in between.
  • Don’t throw caution to the wind and eat big for weeks.
  • Be careful at holiday parties and gatherings. Snack, nibble and drink with the crowd but choose veggies and lower calorie beverages.
  • Avoid the mindset that your hopes of keeping your weight under control are just blown to bits for 3 weeks. Stay careful in between and have a really good time at the most important holiday meals.
  • Turkey is terrific but skip the skin. No need to sample everything on the table. Pick what you like, avoid extras like bread. Use vegetables to fill your plate.
  • Don’t feel obligated to try Aunt Matilda’s mystery dish. Keep a one-inch border around your plate and fill the middle like you really want to. Set a limit on drinking to minimize calories and keep from becoming too uninhibited in your eating mindset.
  • Plan NOT to have second helpings. Fill your plate “once and done”.
  • It’s best not to show up super hungry for holiday meals and events.

It wouldn’t hurt to toss around a football or take a walk through the neighborhood to look at holiday decorations. Remember that not gaining weight is a big win at holiday time. This is not an ideal time to plan to lose pounds.

Have a wonderful and healthy holiday season!


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