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Five Tips to Shop Sustainably in the New Year

Albertsons Sustainability


Jan 11th, 2018

sustainable berries

Shopping responsibly for you, your family and the planet doesn’t have to be a daunting task! Whatever your palette, diet or budget may be, you will find five tips and tricks to help you shop sustainably in the New Year below!

Shop Local

When you shop at your local Albertsons, you will find locally-sourced products throughout the store! From seasonal produce to dairy and everything in between, there are a variety of locally-produced items available year-round. We are proud to support local farming communities who work hard to provide the freshest products while reducing transit and keeping their environmental footprint low.

Local California Farm

Support Fair Trade

When you purchase products, such as O Organics® coffee, that bear the “Fair Trade Certified™” label, small and independent producers are directly benefited. All of our Organics® coffee is also Fair Trade Certified. With the premium funds from your purchase, Fair Trade supports sustainable development and community empowerment projects around the world. Since 2013, our partnership with Fair Trade USA has generated over $1.2 million for community development projects!

Fair Trade Berry Farmer

Go Organic

O Organics®, one of our exclusive brands, is also one of the nation’s largest lines of USDA certified organic products. Offering a range of affordable organic items such as produce, meat, eggs, dairy, coffee, and more, all O Organics® products are non-GMO and utilize organic farming practices that research has shown to improve water quality, conserve energy, increase biodiversity and contribute to soil health.

O Organics Products

Look for “Responsible Choice” Seafood

We are serious about seafood sustainability and have committed to responsibly source 100% of our top 20 fresh and private-label frozen seafood products by 2022 to promote ocean conservation and to protect human rights. We even expanded this commitment to sushi and canned tuna. For example, our Open Nature® canned tuna is responsibly caught using a pole and line fishing method to reduce by-catch of other species.

Use Meal Planning Tools  

Using a meal kit like Plated can help you cut down on food waste. Ingredients are pre-portioned, so you get exactly what you need to cook a delicious dinner—no more, no less. Plus, Plated is committed to providing high-quality ingredients like seasonal produce from trusted purveyors and beef with no added hormones.

Plated Box

If you enjoy planning your meal ahead of time, our just for U® app can create a shopping list of ingredients from your favorite recipe. And as always, don’t forget to bring your reusable bag or recycle your plastic bags in store!

One Response to Five Tips to Shop Sustainably in the New Year

  1. Maureen Garrison 12/02/2018 at 7:48 pm

    I am concerned about packaging of food in your deli section. For example, I’ve been buying chocolate chip cookies which came in paper bags I could easily recycle or compost. Now they come only in clamshell packaging which my garbage company tells me are NOT recyclable. Cookies are not the only food offered only in this wasteful packaging. I’d like to see Albertson’s lead the way in compostable and recyclable packaging, especially in the deli.

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