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Fix It & Freeze It Using Fresh Cuts | From Guest Blogger Holly Clegg

Holly Clegg


Oct 25th, 2014

Fresh Cuts

“What’s for dinner?” That always seems to be the question, yet with a little prep you can have a week’s worth of meals at your fingertips! Don’t get caught at the end of the day without a plan. Cooking a delicious, healthy meal shouldn’t be overwhelming and frustrating. If you’re looking for a low-stress cooking solution, in less than an hour, you can prepare a whole weeks’ worth of meals ahead of time, and freeze to pull out each evening for a homemade meal in minutes. To simplify even further, take advantage of Albertson’s Fresh Cuts and Butcher cuts; which really take the work out of meal prep with affordable fresh and convenient ingredients. Pre-chopped fruits, veggies, meat and seafood can cut your cooking time in half, even fourths – leaving you ready and on your way to tackle that homemade meal – healthy in a hurry!

 Using the proper freezing techniques, can really make a difference in the flavor and texture of the finished dish. Check out these important facts and tips for successful freezing:

  • Food must be at room temperature before freezing.
  • Don’t overload freezer.
  • Do not put a cold glass or ceramic dish in a hot oven as the dish may possibly break.
  • When the power goes out, if your freezer is unopened it’s full and well insulated — foods will stay frozen from around two to four days.
  • Using proper plastic freezer containers or freezer plastic zip top bags is very important to avoid freezer burn and prolong freezer shelf life – freezer storage containers and wraps must be moisture proof and airtight.
  • Allow room for food to expand as the food freezes.

Here are 5 great meals you can fix & freeze for easy (and tasty) meal planning:


Salmon with Spinach and Feta Stuffing

This quick-to-prepare salmon recipe will wow your family into salmon lovers.
Get the recipe here.

Salmon with Spinach

Chicken Fajita Pizza

Fajita and pizza together in one recipe can only mean instantaneous deliciousness.  The Fresh Cuts fajita tray gives you the health benefit of red, yellow and green peppers.
Get the recipe here.


Pork & Broccoli Stir Fry

Craving Chinese?  A fast and fantastic family-pleaser one-meal dish!
Get the recipe here.

Pork and Broccoli Stir Fry

Easy Meat Sauce

By using a jar of marinara with fresh fall vegetables, you get an easy homemade, fabulous sauce!
Get the recipe here.

Easy Meat Sauce

 Veggie Stir Fry Paella

Deceptively easy, this colorful vegetarian meal boasts a balance of flavor and nutrition.  For a heartier version, add chicken or shrimp!
Get the recipe here.

Veggie Paella

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