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“Gallon Smashing Prank”



Mar 4th, 2013

Safety Cone

Over the past week, you might have heard about something called the “Gallon Smashing Prank” that was posted to YouTube. In the videos, groups of people (mostly male youths) are going into stores and filming their friends grabbing gallons of milk and other beverages off grocery store shelves and then throwing the milk – and themselves – to the ground. They’ve usually made enough noise that it alerts our store staff or other customers, and in many instances the bottles break open.

Our stores take these incidents very seriously and react immediately; however, what most may not realize is that not only can they be seriously hurt in pulling a prank like this, it can also result in charges being filed against them.

The safety of all of our customers is a top priority, whether it’s the food we sell or our store environment. We want everyone and everything there to be safe.  Even though Gallon Smashing is listed on YouTube as a prank, it’s far from funny. We have had this happen in several stores, and we’re taking it very seriously because we want people to get the message that this is dangerous. In most cases, we’ve simply had to clean up whatever might have been spilled and ensure that everyone is okay. In other cases, there has been damage to the store and the youths have fled the building. In all instances, we are notifying the police of what has happened and turning over any surveillance footage we might have. We’re taking these steps because we want our customers to be safe, and we want everyone to know that pranks like Gallon Smashing that threaten customer safety won’t be tolerated.


4 Responses to “Gallon Smashing Prank”

  1. Sierra 01/01/2014 at 9:10 pm

    Um, the Gallon Smashing Prank is not dangerous. Yeah, it’s a stupid thing to do and it wastes a lot of milk, but seriously, I wouldn’t consider it to be dangerous. Teenagers are just trying to have fun, and although they shouldn’t be doing this, YOLO! I mean seriously.

    • Customer Care 03/01/2014 at 7:32 pm

      Hello, Sierra. While I can understand the sort of enjoyment that could be gleaned from such an activity, I would also recognize this to be quite dangerous. Throwing yourself upon the ground is likely never completely safe in most situations. As you mentioned, good milk is wasted, so you can understand that from a grocery chain’s perspective, we choose to discourage this sort of behavior. Have a great night! ~Zachary

  2. jackdogg 25/11/2014 at 7:32 pm

    No only stupid but willful destruction of private property. If I caught a kid doing that in any store I would kick him a couple of times and when he tried to stand up I would knock him down again. These morons need to learn this is never acceptable behavior.

  3. Quinn 11/08/2017 at 12:11 pm

    Yolo it is so funny but it is not dagerous they would just fall on the floor on perpose and not get hert but sliping on accsident is dangerouse yolo i just found out about the prank

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