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Grilled Flatbread Pizzas



Jun 18th, 2014


We’re going grill-crazy this summer and are even grilling our pizzas!  It’s so easy and tasty that it’ll be a family-favorite all summer long. 

Here are some tips to make your pizza-grilling experience a fun and easy one:

Tip-ButtonBuy pre-made crust – there are so many varieties and flavors in our stores to choose from!  Try them all for a different flavor each time you grill your pizza.

Tip-ButtonFor your BBQ chicken pizza, save time by buying one of our delicious Rotisserie Chickens from the deli!

Tip-ButtonRed onions and scallions will bring out the flavors in the BBQ sauce and they’re all ready to go in the Fresh Cuts Section!

Tip-ButtonFor the cheese pizzas, get a bunch of small crusts and let the kids “build” their own pizzas; it’ll make dinnertime a lot more fun!

Tip-ButtonPut the pizzas directly on the grill on indirect heat.

Tip-ButtonFor the perfect pizza, remember: slow and steady wins the race so cook on low, indirect heat so your crust gets crispy the same time your cheese is melted!

Find everything you need to make this delicious dish here!


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