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Growing the Gift – “Operation Daniel”



Nov 21st, 2012

Growing the Gift - "Operation Daniel"

When Daniel Taube won a $1,000 Albertsons Market gift card, he could have used it for his family’s own grocery shopping. A gift card like that is good for more than a few trips to the store, and every family appreciates getting a little help putting food on the table. But Daniel had a different idea. Instead, he turned his good fortune into good fortune for thousands of others in Arizona: he decided to give it away.

It was small idea at first. Daniel began talking with his friends and family about his idea to donate the gift card so that hungry Arizonans could have a hot Thanksgiving meal, just as a way to get friends to match what he’d been given. He wanted to feed families who needed a hand up, he said, and his goal was to help 100 families who otherwise would have gone without to have a turkey dinner tomorrow. He first reached out to the Arizona Cardinals, but not for a donation – just to help get the word out. And that started the conversation between Daniel, the Cardinals organization and Albertsons Market. Soon, Knight Transportation also heard the story, and everyone wanted to help Daniel reach his goal.

St. Mary's Food BankDaniel’s $1,000 donation has turned into $4,000. He’s surpassed his goal of feeding 100 families exponentially. St. Mary’s Food Bank estimates that $4,000 will help to provide about 7,000 meals, which equates to about 2,500 families.

At Albertsons Market, we know that giving can start with just one small idea from just one person who wants to make a difference in their neighborhood. We see it day in and day out through the organizations that reach out to us for donations and who participate in our Community Partners program. It warms our hearts to see the work of organizations like St. Mary’s Food Bank be made a little easier by a great donation from a wonderful customer like Daniel.

Today, Daniel presented the combined donation to St. Mary’s Food Bank at Albertsons Market #1025 on 21001 North Tatum Blvd, Phoenix, AZ and it went a little something like this:

Daniel, helping you grow the gift you were given was an honor, and we’re proud that you let us be part of it. From all of us at Albertsons Market, thank you for all you’re doing to make our world a better place to be.

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