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The Wienermobile App | Drive It, Park It, Make it Your Own



Jul 14th, 2014


We’re all familiar with the iconic Oscar Mayer Wienermobile.  Have you ever wanted to drive it?  Or park it in front of your house?  Now you can do just that with the Wienermobile App!

What exactly can you do with this super fun app?

  • “Park” the Wienermobile – put it in your driveway, on someone’s head or on your desk.  Wherever you place it, you have a virtual Wienermobile that can be placed in pictures and shared with friends on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!
  • Race the Wienermobile – there are several tracks where you can race your Wienermobile, earn “wiener bucks” and make your mobile faster and more efficient with upgrades!
  • Earn more “wiener bucks” – you can even earn wiener bucks in store!  Just scan Oscar Mayer products, and you’ll automatically score more bucks to pimp out your Wienermobile!
  • Hunt down the Wienermobile – Want to know if the REAL Wienermobile is near you?  Now you can!  Stand outside with your app and it will tell you the nearest location that the Wienermobile is appearing at!

It’s available on iTunes and Droid! Get your own Wienermobile and drive it like you stole it TODAY!


Some Wienermobile App Action:

Wienermobile wienermobile
 wienermobile wienermobile
 Wienermobile wienermobile


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