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Healthy Halloween Treats from Annessa Chumbley

Annessa Chumbley


Oct 20th, 2014

healthy halloween

Let the sugar rush begin! In my parenting journey, I’ve discovered that trying to control my children’s sugar intake does not come down to a once-a-year trick-or-treating venture, but rather a encouraging a daily excitement over healthy food. I like to use the fantasy approach from Halloween to cloak healthy treats into something kids want to gobble up. So this year, don’t be spooked, dress up that wholesome food into something fun & enticing, and trick the littlest of eaters! 

Slurpable Goblin Goo

I love that the month of October means you can make something green, give it a disgusting name, and every kid wants to try it.  Exactly what happened with our “Slurp-able Goblin Goo” recipe.  Kids will love the eyes peering up at them (or they may be grossed out, but either way it will be fun!).
Get the recipe here.

Goblin Goo

Raw Apple Dipping Bar

This is a great alternative to just about any sweet treat.  And the best part?  Everyone can make each dip different and all their own with the variety of sauces and other goodies you can add!
Get the recipe here.


Chocolate-Covered Boonana Bites

These were soooo good, we could not stop eating them immediately after they were invented! They were smooth, cold and creamy and had the exact texture of ice cream. Plus, they were super-simple and inexpensive to make!
Get the recipe here.

Boonana Bites


One Response to Healthy Halloween Treats from Annessa Chumbley

  1. J 10/10/2016 at 5:15 pm

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the apple dipping bar idea! I’m going to try that out this Halloween, thanks!

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