Diwali Recipe Ideas

Celebrate the festival of lights

Diwali begins soon! Get ready for this vibrant celebration of food, friends and family at Albertsons by shopping in-store or online now. You'll find all the ingredients to prepare a wide variety of Diwali foods to share with all your loved ones. Traditional Diwali festival recipes include something for everyone, from fragrant and savory main dishes to indulgent treats that satisfy every sweet tooth.

Start your celebration with a delicious plate of samosas seasoned with garam masala. To make this tasty, traditional appetizer, take a flaky pastry crust and fill it with lamb, spiced potatoes, diced onions and peas. End on a sweet note by combining cashews and green cardamom with white sugar and ghee to make rich, delicious Kaju Katli — a traditional North Indian dessert that will melt in your mouth.

Crowd-pleasing Indian pastry like balushahi is another delicious Diwali treat made even more comforting when served with a hot cup of tea. Complete your collection of Diwali sweets with a hearty supply of mithai — or Indian candy.

While traditions, songs and celebrations may differ slightly across India and South Asia, all Diwali festivals share one common thread — delicious cuisine! Explore a world of flavors today when you visit your local Albertsons.