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Our goal: to have the highest standards in the industry. So, how do our dedicated and passionate seafood professionals ensure every salmon, scallop, and halibut steak showcase freshness and quality you can taste?

  1. We develop and maintain specifications that meet industry standards.
  2. Our seafood is caught and handled to meet our quality, temperature, and receiving standards.
  3. We partner directly with trusted suppliers and support local fisheries in many areas. 
  4. Our sourcing practices include traceability requirements to ensure that the seafood has maintained proper handling and supply chain transparency.
  5. Our fresh seafood arrives at our stores within 1-2 days from local partners and facilities and is delivered with freshness in mind.
  6. Our fresh seafoods are expertly handled in our stores by dedicated, trained professionals.
  7. We follow strict fresh fish code dating and replenishment guidelines, to help ensure your seafood exceeds your expectations.  

You can trust that the seafood we provide is handled and packaged to our highest expectations and standards for quality.

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Responsible Choice. More than a logo. It's our commitment.

Responsible Choice™ Seafood

When you see the Responsible Choice label, you know you’re choosing seafood that has been raised or caught in ways that help keep ocean ecosystems thriving. Our Responsible Choice seafood shows our endeavors to source seafood that is:

  • Green or Yellow rated by the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch program.

  • Sourced from fisheries or farms making measurable and time-bound improvements.

  • Third-party audited to ensure high standards.

100% of Open Nature® and Waterfront Bistro® seafood products meet our Responsible Choice Seafood Policy.

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