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March: Frozen Food Month

Kelly Traylor


Feb 28th, 2018

March Frozen Food

March is Frozen Food Month, and we want to show you how cool the freezer section really is. Every week during March, we’re giving away a free Signature Kitchens® frozen item when you buy $15 of additional frozen foods. This includes ANY frozen foods.

Simply use our app to download the digital coupon each week and shop our frozen food aisles.

Why is frozen food so great? Here are a few reasons* frozen are an excellent addition for your household:

1. Availability
Within hours of picking, fresh fruits and vegetables are processed and quick frozen to prevent any deterioration of flavor, quality, texture or nutrition. And frozen, which remains virtually unchanged in storage, eliminates losses experienced from spoilage and shrinkage. Frozen at the peak of perfection, there is presently no better method of food preservation. Seasonal limitations are a part of the past.

2. Convenience
Frozen foods are truly convenient. The cleaning, picking, dicing, chopping and squeezing has been done. Whatever you choose, it’s all prepared, ready to take from your freezer, heat and serve.

3. Economy
Frozen foods are economical. You do not pay for stalks, pits, skins, rinds or damaged food. Edible ounce for edible ounce, frozen food costs are usually less than their fresh counterparts.

Ready to get cooking? Try this simple Sweet Lime Acai Bowl recipe for a quick and healthy snack.

Sweet Lime Acai Smoothie Bowl

We offer over 200 own brand frozen grocery items and this month we’re also offering 25% off regular retail on them! Help us celebrate Frozen Food Month and take advantage of these great deals.


4 Responses to March: Frozen Food Month

  1. Leah 08/03/2018 at 3:02 pm

    So I read this article and have looked everywhere on your website and Googled it and I cannot seam to find these coupons anywhere.

  2. Tara Sundy 17/03/2018 at 1:57 pm

    Yes, I, too, am stumped. I’ve looked everywhere for the coupon for the frozen ice cream. I thought we were talking about Safeway (because that’s Signature Select), but when I tried to buy $15 worth of frozen food, I didn’t get my free ice cream. I can’t figure out how to access this deal. I even downloaded the app. Then, when I tried again to purchase $15 in frozen food, I was told I’d have to spend about $100 to get 2 rewards point to get my free ice cream. Ugh!

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