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Meet Beauty Blogger Michelle Molina



Feb 5th, 2013

Beauty Blogger Michelle Molina

Makeup Lovers

Hey beauty fans! We are very excited to bring the expertise of beauty blogger Michelle Molina to ALL of you. Our mission with the help of Michelle is to help create fun makeup tips, inspire personal beauty, and educate all of you with easy DIY beauty tutorials.

Everybody meet Michelle!

AM: When did you start Makeup Lovers Unite?
MM: In 2011 and it has been wildfully successful.

AM: What made you want to start a blog (Makeup Lovers Unite)?
MM: I started Makeup Lovers Unite as a creative outlet for my makeup passion. I wanted my own little place to discuss and express my passion for all things beauty which resulted in Makeup Lovers Unite!

AM: Describe your blog in 5 words or fewer?
MM: Inspiring and Helpful.

AM: What are some makeup tips for keeping your look fresh?
MM: To keep your makeup fresh add a little color either to your lips, cheeks or eyes just to give your makeup a little pop and color to the face!

AM: 3 Must Have Products?
MM: Eyebrow pencil, concealer and mascara.

AM: What are some big beauty trends for spring?
MM: A big makeup trend for spring is colored eyeliner such as teal, blue, gold, and purple. More spring makeup trends are matte lip colors, thick brows and jewel toned colors on the eyes.

AM: Can we get a preview of what your FIRST post will be for Albertsons Market? 
MM: Sure! I am going to show you how to get kissable soft lips for Valentine’s Day with a DIY sugary sweet lip scrub.

We can’t wait!




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