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Meet the Makers: Introducing John and Adrinne O’Donnell



Dec 22nd, 2012

The O'Donnell Family with their dog

Have you ever tried Wild Harvest Golden Round Butter-Style Cracker or Stoneground Wheat Cracker? They are SO good and I never feel guilty eating them because they are 100% Organic.  Do you every wonder where your food comes from? I did a little research and found that these delicious goodies have a pretty cool story.

In 1985 John and Adrienne O’Donnell founded Adrienne’s Gourmet Foods in Santa Barbara, California and from the very beginning they were committed to natural, gourmet foods. In 1998, Adrienne’s became the first company to develop an organic water cracker, and bring it to the national market. Since that time, Adrienne’s Gourmet Foods has become a leader in organic cookies and crackers, in the areas of product innovation as well as nutrition. Their continued success can be attributed to the company’s passion for great tasting, healthy organic crackers.

The Adrienne’s Gourmet Foods team and the O’Donnell’s continue to be at the forefront of organic initiatives based on their belief in a better environment and better food.  What a great story! Keep up the good work O’Donnells!


Information provided by Wild Harvest –

3 Responses to Meet the Makers: Introducing John and Adrinne O’Donnell

  1. Loreen E. Mottorn 14/08/2016 at 3:27 pm

    I have bought a few boxes of Wild Harvest Chicken Stock No Salt Added to moisten the minced chicken breast that I feed my cats. Twice I found that the boxes had been improperly sealed; the stock dribbled from the unsealed areas in addition to the opening. I returned the second box to the store and received a new one. I checked the folded seals for dribbles, but didn’t check any seams. I opened a new box of the stock this morning, unaware that a side seam hadn’t been totally sealed. Unfortunately, the discovery was after the cats had eaten their food. This afternoon I noticed that one of my cats was acting sluggish and not eating. For this cat, that’s very unusual behavior. I don’t know if the stock was tainted (a warning on the box states not to use the stock if the seal is broken; unfortunately it doesn’t say to check all seams for leakage. What I do know is that this usually active cat is not well. I hope it wasn’t because the stock had become tainted, but there’s no other reason for him to be ailing. I will return the box to the grocery store where I bought it; three boxes not properly sealed indicate a real problem in your packaging. Obviously, I won’t be buying that stock again, and I hope that the cat will recover. I am blaming the stock because there is no other reason for him to be ill. Needless to say, I am sick at heart and upset that there seems to be a carelessness in your packaging.

  2. Loreen E. Mottorn 15/08/2016 at 5:30 am

    I wrote yesterday concerning my cat, who was lethargic and appeared to be ill. Happily, this morning he is fine.

    I will be returning the leaky box to the grocer today. No doubt he’ll refund my money, but I’ll no longer buy your products; I can’t imagine standing in an aisle and turning boxes of chicken stock every which way to test for leaks. You would do well to revisit your packaging of the stock. Three leaky boxes within a month’s time is alarming and could be dangerous to the buyer. (Twice leaks occurred at the top folds of the boxes; the other leak occurred at the back seam, which I didn’t test when I bought the third box.

    • Customer Support 15/08/2016 at 8:15 pm

      Loreen, thank you for bringing this to our attention. Glad to hear everything turned out okay. We take these concerns very seriously, and we urge our customers to keep us apprised of their experiences. We would be happy to share your concerns with the Store Director, however, there was no store location provided. Please reply with the location you are referring to so we may pass this along. -Julio

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