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My Top Pick from CES 2013



Jan 14th, 2013

CES 2013
Each year, technophiles from all over the world gather in Las Vegas to see and interact with the newest gadgets that are likely to grace the palms of teenagers and techies alike in a just few short months. The entire experience of CES (International Consumer Electronics Show) is akin to getting a backstage pass to the hottest concert, ever. This year was a little disappointing – CES didn’t bring the usual oooh’s and awww’s but there was one gem that was particularly exciting for my family and I.


Netflix Family Profiles, Super HD and 3D Streaming

Netflix Family Profiles

Up until football season started this year we hadn’t had cable or satellite for 6 years. We relied heavily on popular streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Video. It was the only way we could keep up on our favorite shows. Our youngest daughter Hannah had monopolized the Netflix account and as a result, I no longer received meaningful recommendations from the service. I kept telling my husband that I really wished Netflix would let me create sub-accounts for the kids so that we didn’t have to see the likes of Yu-Gi-Oh and Step Up clogging up our recommendations anymore. With the upcoming release of Family Profiles my 4 kids, husband and I can FINALLY have multiple profiles under a single account!

Oh, and they’ll be releasing Super HD and 3D Streaming, which is equally as cool but further down the road.

View Engadget’s article covering all 3 new Netflix features.


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