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New Year’s Resolution #4: Get Smarter!



Jan 7th, 2013


So many New Years resolutions are about exercise and weight loss. More exercise, losing weight, and eating right are all very familiar resolutions focused on getting back into shape. And guess what? They are on my list as well. But I’ve also added another resolution that anyone who is successful at my first three resolutions will also be achieving; getting smarter!

Recent studies have show that exercise helps grow brain cells in the area of the brain called the hippocampus. Exercise increases the blood flow to this “learning central” part of the brain, thus helping us learn. And the only way we learn something is when our brain cells grow, so exercise helps us learn!

Exercise also improves attention and motivation by raising the neurotransmitters dopamine, serotonin and others. This helps our mood and increases our ability to concentrate. Better concentration and motivation also helps keep us on the path to learning more every day.

Check out this article from Outside Magazine for more information on how exercise helps us get smarter. Since I am going to be exercising more anyways as part of my new year resolutions, I figure I might as well get smarter too!

– Karl

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