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New Year’s Resolutions: Set Yourself up for Success

Elena Harrington


Dec 30th, 2015

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The close of a year and welcoming another is a time for reflection and planning. Now that you have celebrated the New Year in style, it’s time to enter this year striving to make it a healthy, happy and productive new opportunity.

With Americans leading increasingly busy, fast-paced lives, it can seem daunting to pursue new resolutions, but investing in your health will undoubtedly make every aspect of your life more positive. We have some simple, healthy recipes and practical tips to make this year the healthiest and happiest year yet. There is no doubt the glow of a healthier life will bring positivity to everything from your relationships to your work and everything in between!

Produce First

Incorporating more fruits and vegetables into your diet is a great first step to achieving better health. Packed with fiber and a plethora of nutrients, as well as hydration, fruits and vegetables help nourish health with vitamins, minerals and also aid digestion. When selecting produce, remember to choose a variety of colors and varieties for optimal nutrition. Filling your plate with a diversity of colors is a simple way to make sure you are getting more nutrients!

Thai on the Fly 1

Try stir-fry recipes to add a multitude of veggies to your dish packed with full flavor. This simple Thai on the Fly recipe features a diversity of vegetables and incredible flavor. This recipe is the perfect meal solution for busy weeknights.

Thai on the Fly Overhead

Blend It

Smoothies are an incredibly simple and delicious way to add more fruits and vegetables to your diet. Not a huge veggie fan? The fruit in your smoothie helps naturally sweeten the flavor while still packing all the nutrients of the ingredients.

Beet Smoothie 1

Experiment with interesting ingredients to mix up your morning green drink! This Sweet Beet Smoothie is the perfect way to include beets in your daily diet. Try this smoothie for a quick breakfast or post-workout snack to fuel your day.

Beet Smoothie 2

Stay on Track On-the-Go

Busy weekday lunches can drive you to grab fast food or something quick out of the vending machine, but a bit of planning can help alleviate the temptation to break your resolution. Remember to fill your plate with a variety of nutrient-dense, protein-packed items to stabilize your energy levels and avoid the dreaded 3 p.m. crash.

Mason Jar Salad 2

The night before work, prep this On-the-Go Mason Jar Salad for a lunch packed with vegetables and quinoa. This high-protein, fiber-packed simple lunch solution is perfect for busy weekdays when you need a quick bite running from meeting to meeting. Using a mason jar is the perfect way to prep your on-the-go meals! Try using a mason jar for overnight oats for a quick breakfast solution.

Mason Jar Salad 

Enjoy Weekend Brunch

Eating well and living a healthier lifestyle does not mean missing out on your favorite social events. Brunch is a weekend staple. Host brunch and whip up these healthier Apple Oat Waffles. Pair with fresh fruit and turkey bacon for a delicious weekend brunch!

Apple Oat Waffles 2

Glow from Within

Add super foods to your beauty routine for glowing skin this year. Healthy skin starts from the inside out. Fueling your body with nutrient-packed foods and ample hydration is the first step toward beautiful skin. However, super foods aren’t just for eating! Try including some of these items into your skincare routine for an all-natural, more affordable option in the pursuit of glowing skin. Everything from honey to avocado to green tea and raw sugar can help you take your beauty routine to the next level!

Green Tea Avocado Face Mask 2

This Green Tea Avocado Face Mask is a great way to energize and moisturize skin. The green tea stimulates skin, while the rich, creamy avocado helps hydrate. Try this mask in the evening with an herbal tea nightcap for a night of restful beauty sleep.

Green Tea Avocado Mask 3

Stay on track this January with these practical, simple recipes and tips to help you achieve the healthiest, happiest year yet!

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