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North Texas Camping Season Recipes

Anjelica Freeman


Nov 12th, 2015

outdoor table setting

Early spring and late fall are the perfect times to go camping in North Texas! Wondering what you can cook while you’re enjoying the outdoors? We’ve got you covered with these fast, easy and delicious campfire recipes!

For a simple breakfast, just pack egg, your  favorite toppings and mason jars for a no-mess, customizable breakfast! Try our Mason-Jar Camp Omelette. Get the recipe here.

Omelet_1788 (1)

Hiking, fishing and playing outdoors will make any camper hungry! Make this delicious Travel Companion Trail Mix ahead of time to eat on the go! Packed with fiber and protein, this is the perfect snack to sustain your energy. Get the recipe here.




Staying hydrated is important all year around, especially when you’re busy having a great time outdoors this fall! Try our Campus Glow Water to take with you on your camping trip for a hydrating, refreshing drink. Get the recipe here.



What’s camping if you’re not cooking something over a nice fire? Try our Hot Dog on a Stick and pair it with some cheesy Queso Sauce! Place the hotdogs on a skewer and cook them over a fire or place them on the grill for a simple campfire meal! Get the recipe here.


Marinate some chicken or beef to throw on a skewer and cook on the grill or fire for a quick, easy camping meal like our Chicken Satay Skewers, get the recipe here.


What’s for dessert? S’mores of course! Try our twist with the Outdoors Reese’s S’mores Recipe, here.


One of our favorite campfire foil packed snacks is our Mini NILLA Grilled Banana Boats! Customize with whatever toppings you want and enjoy this warm sweet treat to help keep you warm camping outside this season! Get the recipe here.


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