Albertsons & Third Party Fundraising

We sincerely appreciate your interest in requesting to use your local Albertsons store to help promote your organization’s efforts. We have ongoing commitments with local organizations that support youth development to further their missions each year and a very limited number of days that we can permit outside organizations to solicit our customers. We usually reserve those days for emergency and community disaster relief support. If you have a question about whether your organization’s fundraising effort falls into our guidelines, please email , and include ALL of the below information. Incomplete requests will not be considered:

  • Organization Name
  • Organization’s Tax ID number
  • The store address where you would like to sell
  • Date (one day ONLY)
  • Time
  • Purpose of event
  • PDF of IRS Tax Designation letter

PLEASE NOTE: Requests must be submitted on the following schedule. Requests that are not received prior to the deadline will not be considered.

* By August 1 for events occurring in October through December 2013

* By November 1 for events occurring in January through March 2014

* By February 1 for events occurring in April through June 2014