Submitting a Donation Request

Thank you for participating in Albertsons Community Partners program. We appreciate your shopping with us!

PLEASE NOTE: Requests must be submitted on the following schedule. Requests that are not received prior to the deadline will not be considered.

* We are currently processing requests for events from  February through April 2013.  This time period is now closed for new donation requests.

* Submit your request by March 1, 2013  for events occurring on or after May 2013.

To request a charitable contribution, please send an email to
If this is for a specific event, your request MUST be received no later than eight weeks prior to the event date.
Your email must include the following information:
  • A completed W-9
  • An IRS copy of your organization’s 501(c)(3) letter if you are a nonprofit
  • Organization Name:
  • Organization Address:
  • Organization Phone:
  • Contact Name:
  • Contact Phone:
  • Email address:
  • Website:
  • Community Partner Number*:
  • Closest Store Address or cross streets:
  • Amount Requested:
  • Describe your request – how will donated funds or product be used:
  • Provide 2-3 sentences regarding your organization, including a summary of mission and objectives:
  • Project Description:
  • How will Albertsons be recognized for participating?
  • If Albertsons helped with this event before, please explain prior participation:

(NOTE: Your organization’s Community Partner number can be found on the Community Partners Website, here.) *