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Pack That Picnic Basket with Plenty of Fruits & Veggies!



Jul 16th, 2014


Summertime means picnic time! Whether you and your family head to the closest park, venture to the beach or lake, or just lay a blanket in your backyard, we’ve got some great fruit and vegetable recipe ideas! These are even simple enough to make with your kids. Get them involved from the start to finish. They’ll love helping you make and pack the food just as much as they’ll enjoy eating it!

Need an idea for a fun kid-friendly activity? Why not try a scavenger hunt! Write up a list of items you know can be found wherever you’re headed (or make the list once you’re there) and pack a few disposable cameras. Send the kid’s off together or on their own with a list and a camera. Have them take pictures of everything on the list they can find (if they’re in groups make sure they take pictures of the item with one of them in it!). After the picnic drop the cameras off for one hour developing. Bring the pictures home and hand out prizes for whoever found the most items!


Cookie Cutter Fruit Salad

Pull out the cookie cutters for this fruit salad! The kids will love cutting fruit into their favorite shapes and you’ll get a beautiful fruit salad! Win-win! Get the pinned recipe here.


Newquick Windmills

No kid will be able to resist these cute windmills! Get the recipe here.


Rainbow Fruit Kabobs

Pretty and healthy! These are sure to be a fan favorite at any picnic and are easy transport! You don’t even need a recipe, just follow the picture below or substitute for any fruit your little ones, or you, like!


Creamy Avocado Dip

Every picnic needs a good dip. This dip gets bonus points because it’s healthy and easy to make! Serve with pita chips,tortilla chips or veggies and you’ll be sure to have a hit on your hands. Get the pinned recipe here.


Basil-Spinach Dip

It’s always good to have dip options! Spinach dip is always a favorite and you can dip all the same things you have on hand for the avocado dip. Get the recipe here.


Summer-Fresh Potato Salad

Nothing says picnic like potato salad. Here we step it up by going non-traditional. This potato salad won’t go bad in the heat since there is no mayo! Get the recipe here.


Shepherd’s Salad

If you want a cool and crisp salad this is for you! And it’s perfect for a picnic because once it’s made you want to let it stand for an hour to get the flavors to meld. Just enough time to get to the park and set up the picnic! Get the pinned recipe here.


Caprese Skewers

Bite sized and full of flavor! These skewers are sure to add a touch of class to any picnic! Get the recipe here.


Dessert Kabob

Every picnic needs to end with a dessert. We’ll integrate a little fruit, then it’s healthy and satisfying! Strawberries, marshmallows, brownie bits and chocolate sauce…and voilã — a healthy, easy and fun dessert! Get the recipe here.


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