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Shop ’til the Buzzer Stops – A Shopping Spree Ends in Over $30,000 Worth of Groceries

Randy Perkins


Nov 3rd, 2016


Earlier this week, the local media gathered as two lucky winners had a unique opportunity to participate in a shopping spree courtesy of Sparkling Ice. The event took place at the Albertsons store on Vista & Overland in Boise, Idaho, where each contestant had two minutes to pack their carts with hundreds of items ranging from nuts and spices to shrimp and lobster tails. Once all of the items were accounted for, each winner got to take bags upon bags of groceries home for the holidays.

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Next up was Albertsons Intermountain Vice President, John Colgrove, and President, Brad Street. Local Store Director and reigning Shopping Spree Champion, Troy Frisch, filled in on Brad Street’s behalf. Troy helped raise roughly $25,000 for local food banks during a similar event with Sparkling Ice last year. The same concept applied to this race, but all of the groceries gathered within two minutes would be donated to the Idaho Foodbank. Nobody knows the store better than these two gentleman, so you knew the competition was going to be fierce. John went first, filling up ten whole carts with cases of tuna, canned foods, and even Barbie dolls (almost everything is fair game when it comes to shopping sprees). The clerk rang up his items with a total of $6,083.77. At the time, it seemed nearly impossible to beat- until Frisch stepped up to the cart.

He grabbed cases of sausage, bags of shrimp, and a huge rib roast, resulting in a whopping 12 carts full of goods. The crowd waiting with bated breath as the items passed through the register. And it happened- a total of $8,316.91 and a second straight victory for Frisch. The best part of the story is that a grand total of $14,400.68 worth of groceries went directly to the Idaho Foodbank after the event.

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But wait, there’s more.

The “non-winner” had to fork over an additional $500 to the cause. If you’re following along, we’re now at $14,900.68.

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But wait, there’s even more?

Sparkling Ice surprised everyone with the announcement they would match the total amount raised, adding an additional $14,900.68. All-in-all, that’s $29,801.36 worth of groceries going to local families in need!

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It was a day to remember, with full hearts and smiles all around. And we haven’t even reached the holidays yet.





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