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Simply Organized: A Closet Makeover for Kids



Jan 21st, 2013

Little girl holding toys

Jana Jeffery, Albertsons Market community manager, used to despise going into her five year old daughters’ bedroom. “Her closet was a disaster – very little shelving, no organization, toys and books everywhere, despite having a nice bookcase and plenty of toy boxes,” she says. “And my daughter didn’t enjoy spending time in her room.”

Before Jana's Pinterest Makeover

Before Jana's Pinterest Makeover

So, over the holiday break Jana decided to tackle her daughters’ closet problem, “I turned to Pinterest, my favorite inspirational resource, for unique ideas on organizing kids closets.” Jana created a new board, “Where Kids Roam” and cultivated her ideas. “Several of these pins really finalized my goals for my daughters room.”

Jana's Pinterest Inspiration

Jana's Pinterest Inspiration


Jana’s goals:

  • – Organized and comfortable reading area with space for her growing library
  • – Storage for her little toys, dress-up shoes, and small objects
  • – “Blankie” shelving and better use of the shelf at the top of the closet
  • – Some kind of lighting – something fun and practical without having to run electrical wiring

Once she figured out what her goals were for the space Jana says, “it was pretty easy to pull it all together.” A quick look on a local furniture store’s website and she was able to locate the bench seating, fabric bins, and a hanging shoe organizer – all of which were on sale at the time, costing less than $50 total. Then she popped over to the dollar store and cleaned them out of white Christmas lighting strands. “The cashier surely thought I was crazy buying 30 boxes of white strands. But at 25 cents a box, duh!”

With the help of her twelve year old daughter, it took about 2 hours to pull it all together. “We had fun doing it but the best part was the look on my little girl’s face when she returned from her play-date. She was ecstatic.”

The result:

After Jana's Pinterest Makeover

After Jana's Pinterest Makeover


What happened that night, even Jana wasn’t truly prepared for, “She loves it so much, she spent several hours reading on her bench and discovering all of her new nooks and crannies. Then, she began sleeping in her closet at night.” Jana’s husband snapped this cute pic on the first night.


Sleepy Head

Sleepy Head, Awwww!


Jana says she still has plans for a few ornamental elements in the closet like putting up her daughters’ initials on the back wall and adding fabric bins to the top shelf to wrap things up, but the little one seems pretty happy just the way it is. “I end up moving her from the closet to her bed every night. So, I guess momma did good.”



What organizational transformations have you made to your kid’s rooms?
We’d love to see your pics, we may feature them in an upcoming article!
Email them to social /at/ albertsonsllc /dot/ com.

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