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One Key To Rule Them All – How One Lucky Shopper Drove Away With A Brand New Race Car

Randy Perkins


Nov 30th, 2016

Belveder Giveaway WINNER (Homestead)

Congratulations to Dan N. of Odgen, Utah, who won a replica of Richard Petty’s 1967 Plymouth Belvedere at Homestead-Miami Speedway through the Albertsons & Smithfield #Winning43 sweepstakes! All Dan had to do was purchase participating Smithfield products from his local store and he was automatically entered for a chance to win. He was one of 14 finalists from around the country who received an all-expense-paid trip to Miami and a car key, hoping to drive away with a brand new car. After a handful of attempts from some of the other finalists, Dan’s key fired up the engine!

Here’s a look at the whole experience in his own words:

“It is a great thrill to win the 43 Car and have the opportunity to bring it to Utah!  This is our second stint living in Utah.  We moved here in 2008 from Denton, Texas.  We always shopped at Albertsons there and were thrilled there was an Albertsons in South Ogden just down the street from us on Harrison Blvd when we moved to Utah.  Unfortunately, that store was sold before we moved to Connecticut for three years from 2011-2014.  I was relocated back to Utah in 2014 and we reside in Ogden, Utah.  Since all the local Albertsons have moved out of the Ogden area, I have stopped on occasion at the SuperSaver off Redwood Road in Salt Lake on my way back from an out of town trip.  I like their prices and meat selections.

I was excited to learn the end of October that I was selected as a first prize winner in the Smithfield and Albertsons Winning 43 Sweepstakes and was going to the race in Homestead.  My wife and I graduated high school in Sarasota, Florida so an opportunity to get back to Florida was very exciting for us and the chance to meet the King (Richard Petty) was a huge thrill because he is not only THE racing icon, but a great champion of all sports and sportsmanship.  That alone was exciting enough and I definitely felt a huge winner.  As the trip got closer and I had a few minutes to reflect away from my work schedule, I realized how lucky and thankful I was for this trip and getaway with my wife.  The level of organization by the sponsors on arranging flights, transportation, stay in Miami beach was beyond all my expectations.  I was on cloud nine and my wife and I enjoyed Saturday exploring Miami.  That evening we had a get together with all the winners and met the promotion agency organizing the events as well as the great sponsors in Smithfield and had the opportunity to learn more of the story about building the car and the motivation behind it.  That got me even more excited about the opportunity I had been given and the history involved.

Race day I woke up with a great vibe.  After all, it was my birthday and I had won this fantastic trip to Miami and the opportunity to see the last NASCAR race of the season with the sprint car championship on the line.  But first thing first.  I had a 1 in 14 chance to win this most unique prize ever-the 43 Car.  I thought positive thoughts all the way on the ride to the race track.  I started visualizing myself turning the key to start the car.  As we got to the track, we first watched the Bacon Eating Contest and then it was time.  We drew numbers out of a hat.  I drew 6th or 7th (not quite sure) and I reached around in the hat and drew a piece of paper with the number 9 on it.  My lucky numbers are usually 7 and 11, but this whole time as I drew 9, I felt it was lucky this day because it was my birthday and because I believed it was.  We lined up in order 1-14 based on our numbers and were given keys already pre-numbered that matched our piece of paper.  I was nervous, but also positive.  Numbers 1-8 all tried their keys and nothing.  My knees shook as I walked and sat in the car.  I started turning the key and it kept going and then the ROAR of the 43 Car!  I couldn’t believe my ears!  The best birthday present ever.

It still seems surreal to this day.  I am excited with the prospect of preserving this precious replica of history and sharing the story with others in the years to come.  My wife and I have talked about taking the 43 Car to races and car shows in the future to spread the word of its meaning and the story of our magical day.  We are so appreciative of Albertsons and Smithfield for giving us this opportunity and having the vision of creating the 43 Car.  The car will be in Utah sometime over the next month and we would be glad to have you and anyone else from the Intermountain Division of Albertsons come and see it.  Again thank you so much for this most memorable experience and the honor of taking care of the 43 Car!  This Thanksgiving brings us new meaning of THANKS!”


4 Responses to One Key To Rule Them All – How One Lucky Shopper Drove Away With A Brand New Race Car

  1. Steve Burns 23/05/2017 at 1:38 pm

    I want to enter the 2017 sweepstakes, but what number do I text the copy of my Albertsons receipt for proof of purchase?

    • Customer Support 24/05/2017 at 12:26 pm

      Hello Steve, this promotion is not currently running. Please keep an eye out for future promotions and details on how to participate. Thank you. -Aaron

  2. Sal ma 13/08/2017 at 6:06 pm

    I saw an ad for a new contest for a Richard Petty Superbird tribute car sweepstakes. I have no Albertsons near me but they did give a web site for sweepstakes entry. I didn’t write it down. I’ve done many web searches but cannot find the web page for this. Can you please provide me with the link?

    • Customer Support 15/08/2017 at 4:56 pm

      Hello Sal, this promotion is not currently running. Please keep an eye out for future promotions and details on how to participate. Thank you. -Jayme

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