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Stop & Play with Oreo Winners



Mar 23rd, 2015

Stop and play with oreo

Dunk them. Twist them. Share them.  However you eat your Oreos, they’ll always be a snack time favorite.

In February, Oreo asked that you share how you eat your Oreos in a photo for a chance to win prizes with Stop & Play with Oreo and we just received our list of the big winners! *Drumroll….*

Congratulations to our first prize winners:

Adrien B.
Joseph B.
Jarett B.
Dianna C.
Jeffery C.
Gwen C.
Mary D.
April D.
Jenna F.
Scott G.
Don G.
Bonnie G.
Rosemarie G.
William G.
Teri H.
Ambrose H.
Karyl H.
Joetta J.
Dianne L.
Mary L.
George L.
Davie L.
Ella May M.
Paul O.
Nancy P.
Sarah P.
Rod S.
Charles S.
Sue S.
Thomas T.
Richard Z.

One Response to Stop & Play with Oreo Winners

  1. Justin C 17/04/2015 at 2:01 pm

    I just won the Polaroid camera also. I was given an extension due to a link that said 10 days when it was supposedly 5 calendar days to claim.

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