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Strong Against Cancer

Madison Meyer


Jun 5th, 2015



The next time you are in your local Albertsons, please donate what you can to this heroic effort.

During the month of June, Albertsons customers can take part in supporting a proven cure for childhood cancer, all while picking up their weekly groceries! Albertsons is partnering with Seattle Children’s Research Institute and Team Captain, Russell Wilson, quarterback of the Seattle Seahawks – to raise awareness and funds in support of #StrongAgainstCancer.

Strong Against Cancer represents the revolutionary medical treatment, Immunotherapy, which was discovered and cultivated right here in our backyard, at Seattle Children’s Research Institute. The immunotherapy procedure harnesses the power of a child’s own immune cells; patient’s T-Cells are reprogrammed, and then reintroduced to the immune system. Upon reintroduction, they hunt down and destroy cancer cells in the body. This remarkable process is raising hope for thousands of children all over the world who are battling cancer.

This breakthrough cancer treatment also reduces the need for chemotherapy and radiation, along with the harsh, lifelong side effects that often accompany these treatments. Clinical trials are now underway and are producing exceptional results in quickly eliminating childhood cancers. Seattle Children’s Research Institute has the track record and the science. All they lack are the necessary funds that will enable them to treat young cancer patients worldwide. You can join  Seattle Children’s, Albertsons, Russell Wilson and the many others who are part of our team today by donating during your check out using our Strong Against Cancer donation slips – Every dollar helps!


To learn more about Strong Against Cancer, visit

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