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Tailgating Appetizers



Sep 10th, 2014

It’s that time of year when we hang out with our friends in the parking lot of a stadium, graze on delicious food and eventually root on our favorite team inside the stadium! We’ve got some great ideas for appetizers that you can pull out as everyone is arriving. 


As always, don’t forget our Fresh Cut Guacamole!

Our team makes our guacamole (spicy and mild) fresh daily in-store! Welcome to your newest addiction.


Onion Beer Brat Cheesey Dip

Onions. Cheese. Beer. Need we say more? Your friends could probably live off of this appetizer alone. But don’t worry, we have more ideas to keep the party interesting! Get the recipe here.


Individual Seven-Layer Dip

Not only are these great appetizers, but they’re easy to eat while standing around! These are easy to get creative with, you could even have a few additional toppings sitting around for guests to choose from. Get the pinned recipe here.


BLT Deviled Eggs

You can’t have any kind of party without deviled eggs. These are made even more scrumptious by adding bacon. Yum! Get the recipe here.


 Mini-Cheddar Corn Dogs

First of all, anything on a stick is delicious. Second, make it mini and it’s even more delicious. These mini corn dogs are made to be perfectly bite-sized and your friends will love popping them in their mouth! Get the pinned recipe here.


Oreo Peanut Butter & Pretzel Cookie Balls

Some might consider this dessert, but on game day anything goes. If it’s bite size we consider it an appetizer. It’s just sweeter than any of the other options above. Get the recipe here.


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